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The environment in Logic is one of the most powerful and useful aspects of the application, however it can appear to be daunting at first. You can use these environments by copying and pasting into the environment of your own Logic song and either use exactly as is, or else you can use them to see find out a bit more about the Logic Environment by analyzing what the cabling, transformers and switchers are doing.


The Modwheel & Pitch Transformer (“MPT”) Logic Pro environment makes a standard MIDI keyboard much more flexible. It transforms Modwheel, Pitchwheel and Sustain pedal into any type of Continous Controller from CC 0 to CC 127. This was originally developed to make controlling Vienna Instruments much easier. There is now a dedicated  Vienna Controller. The MPT is now an all purpose tool.

To use it you just  download it (350 KB) then copy and paste into your Logic Environment. Full installation and operation instructions are included for envirophobes. This is a public beta so please feel free to report any bugs.

The buttons on the left are on/off buttons. In the off postion they allow whatever source data through unchanged. When in the on position you can now choose the type of copntinuous controller from the menu in the coloured panels.

Sus to CC

Very often you don’t use your sustain pedal when recording sequences. When activated by the on/off button to the left this changes your sustain pedal data to whatever CC type you choose from the drop down menu in the blue button. This is very useful for anything you can control with just a 2 way switch and of course your modwheel is still free for other controllers.

Pitch to CC

Again the pitch wheel is often redundant for many styles, so this switches it to Continous Controller any type of CC. Once again your modwheel is still free for other controllers.

CC1 Transform

This has a very straightforward use, to convert your standard CC 1 (modwheel) data to any other type of controller. Just click on it to access the menu.

Modwheel Switcher for Audio Instruments (ZIP file) This environment lets you switch between audo instruments using the modwheel. This is ideal for keeping different articulations (e.g. arco, pizzicato, sforzando strings) on the same track in the arrange and score. Instructions included. (Logic Pro 7)

Logic Modwheel Switcher

Keyswitches for Audio Instruments (ZIP file) This environment lets you switch between 4 audo instruments using the key switches C0-D#0. use this one when you need to also use the modwheel for control data. It is quite complex, if anyone can find a simpler way (there must be), I’d like to hear about it.

Logic Key switches

Logic channel splitter

This environment shows you how to use a channel splitter. Very useful if you have two MIDI keyboards that need to control two different Logic instruments. You can download the song or set the environment up for yourself:

Create the MIDI Instrument, Channel Splitter and Monitors (optional) from the Environment New Menu and cable them as shown. In this example incoming MIDI channel 1 is sent to to one softsynth instrument and incoming MIDI channel 2 is sent to another. Only the MIDI instrument (instrument) is on an arrange track.

The monitors are optional, they are just there so you can see what is happening: you could just connect the cables from the CS 1 and 2 outputs directly to the audio instrument objects.

MIDI to Wah Wah Control (ZIP file). (Plus Wah Wah arrange Icon). This environment shows you how control the Logic Fuzz-Wah plugin with an external controller, e.g. keyboard modwheel or MIDI footpedal. The keyboard control is useful to use after the audio file is recorded, it need not be a guitar, this works very well on many other instruments and virtual instruments. It uses the keyswitches C0 and C#0 to switch the bypass on and off. You just need to copy and paste the objects from this environment into yours, cable to the audio track, insert a Fuzz-wah plugin and play with the modwheel.

Logic wah wah controller

DFH Superior mapped instrument (ZIP file) This environment has a Mapped Drum Instrument set up for DFH Superior Drummer. You need to copy the instrument into your environment, it works with the included adapted mapped drum scorestyle  DFH Drums. To copy the scorestyle you just need to copy and paste the empty sequence from the arrange window to your own song. All cymbals show on the top space, the 5 toms start on the space above the staff (Rack 1) and then on each space consecutively down to Floor 2 on the bottom space.

Roland XV 5080 & Proteus 2000 plus expansion cards (ZIP file)
Proteus: Pure Phatt, Orchestral 1, Orchestral 2
Roland XV: Orchestral, World & Keyboards of 60s and 70s.
This is a Logic 4.8 Mac file, to open on a PC you may need to use  import from the file menu to open the file.

Emu Carnaval (Logic Pro 7 sit file 117kB)

Screenset Fader (SIT file) This one uses a screenset fader to switch screensets automatically, showing a text commentary using markers. Environment is on screenset 7.


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