PT Logic: Set 1 Keys, gtr, wind, percussion

Compatible for Logic and Garageband

Some cut down demo versions of PT LOGIC Samples set 1 and Human Saxophone are available free to download (see below). The downloads are fully functioning EXS24 and Garageband instruments with a smaller range than the full versions. Please note that some of the Logic versions have extra features (modwheel crossfades etc.) that are not possible on Garageband.


Download Set 1 Demo Instruments

Instrument Demos:

1952 Epiphone Zephyr Regent Jazz Guitar


This beautiful guitar belongs to Dave Marchant who let me sample it when he did a session for me. Every note sampled at 44.1 kHz 24 bit via a TLA C-1 valve preamp (no compression) and Metric Halo MIO converter. The “trem”instrument has the modwheel routed via volume instead of pitch so that tremolo can be applied in stages via modwheel. There is a Channel Strip Setting included which works very well (Guitar Amp Pro + Space Designer).

Also included is a Logic Channel Strip Setting that works well with this instrument. You can also download this image for an arrange icon

Full version: (additional 18MB)

Spanish Guitar with Finger Vibrato

This was sampled on every note (in semitones) up to A#4. This is different to most Spanish guitar samples as there is finger vibrato on every note. This was recorded in stereo at 24 bit 44.1kHz. Includes velocity layer with “slap” as well as fret noise and box hit samples for ultra realism.

Drums, Perc & Bass

Although some are looped or downsampled for disk space they still sound great and have more life than many commercial samples. I considered these my “secret weapons”. All used extensively on Atmosphere/BMGs best selling production/library music CD, especially the Vintage Ambient Gretsch – a very popular kit – you won’t believe it’s not real. Includes Multi Hit Bongos (16 hits), Big Rainstick, Cymbal Performance kit (cymbals and rolls from top session drummers) and a Fender Bass that just sits beautifully in a mix.

Drums, Perc & Bass

Brass & Woodwinds 1

All of these are quite short looped samples and the flute and clarinet are resampled for efficiency of disk space. Not quite up to VSL quality, however these are extremely useful sounding instruments and they work really well for quirky character performances rather than for an accurate classical sound. (Please Note: the demo mp3 Bass and Drums which are from Bundle 1 not included with this package).

The harmon mute trumpet is very useful as there is a keyswitch or modwheel switch between trumpet with mute out, mute 1/3 out, mute 2/3 out and mute in (Logic only – the Garageband version has 4 separate instruments for mute positions)

The bass trombone has modwheel or keyswitch between glissando and straight notes (Logic only)

Flute has a vibrato and no vibrato version with modwheel switching for Logic.

Brass & Woodwinds

Keyboards & Guitars

More secret weapons – Bechstein, Honky Tonk (Tack) Piano, Bluegrass Banjo, Elfolk tremolo Acoustic, Very Nice Accordion – The Logic version has modwheel or keyswitch to switch between reedsets, separate instruments on Garageband. A collection of strange, unusual and useful stuff. The bechstein and tack Piano are from the old Elephant Recording studio in Wapping – famous for so many Pogues albums.

Human Saxophone

See Here

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