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  • Text Colour on Score sheet December 8, 2021
    Hi All - Complete newbie here looking for help on the score sheet. I know that colours are available for notes and stuff, but am driving myself mad trying to change the text colour - for the Title and other text comments I want on the sheet -. I go to Layout - Text Styles […]
  • Midi Drum Track after Midi Export Sounds different when reimported December 7, 2021
    Hi. I have a big problem. I am working at my home studio and want to move the tracks to a Post production Studio for fine tuning and finishing the songs. So the Idea is to export all the track as files and send it via WeTransfer. This works quite well with Audio Tracks. But […]
  • Nanokontrol 2: controlling midi CC December 6, 2021
    I want to use the KORG Nanokontrol 2 to control midi CC during recording. the editor app from KORG isn't compatible with Big Sur. Is there a way to easily program the sliders and knobs on the nanokontrol 2 so that I can change volume, expression, etc?
  • MIDI issue after using an Alesis MultiPad December 5, 2021
    So, I bought an Alesis Strike Multipad, which also acts as a drum midi trigger for the computer. Used it briefly in Logic Pro X (latest version) on Big Sur on Mac. Didn't like it so got a refund from shop. But now, whenever I open Logic I get a banner flag up saying: "Instrument […]
  • Theremin December 3, 2021
    With which instrument can I best imitate a theremin sound in Logic Pro X 10.2.2.? Thanks in advance.
  • Is It The Developer's Responsibility To Code correct Control Surface Integration? December 2, 2021
    I've been trying to get UAD to improve their stereo plugin handling (for a lot of years) with regard to how midi feedback values are reported back to the controller. In all their plugins that offer a dual mono interface (separate controls for left and right channels), if you have the plugin in stereo linked […]
  • MIDI controller suddenly not working December 2, 2021
    Hello folks, My Oxygen 25 keyboard is suddenly not working very well with Logic. It will play for a while, and then go silent. I don't know if one of my little students pressed something somewhere..... This is frustrating, as it's the only MIDI controller I have and I am trying to teach a class. […]
  • Freshly recorded audio regions locked December 2, 2021
    I've been using Logic since it was Notator, so I like to think I know how to use it, but I've recently run into a recurring problem with new audio regions: I'll record a vocal track, then find that it's quite quiet so I go to Normalize and find that the top part of the […]
  • Logic Platinum outlaws wanted (alive). December 2, 2021
    Hullo there. Posting a previous thread about Logic Platinum made me think about the chance to make an effort on this forum, and try to get in contact with other freaks who still use and are fond of Logic Platinum, who have not conformed with the Great Switch, but rather stick to a DIY aesthetics, […]
  • Issue about using VST plugins within Logic Platinum 5 December 1, 2021
    Hullo there. Hope someone will be so compassionate, and help with this. I have been using Logic Audio Platinum 5 for ages, and recently I installed both Bigcat's Sonatina Orchestra and Ample Guitar M Lite, but none do work as Logic plugins. Sonatina cannot even be recalled as an Audioinstrument insert, while Ample Guitar is […]