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  • How to permanently assign a midi controller fader to a Channel strip? May 14, 2022
    Can anyone explain to me how I could a fader from my hardware midi controller to control volume on a dedicated channel strip or Aux channel strip inside of Logic X? I am trying to ditch my outboard mixer and I want to have a fader on one of my midi controllers to be permanently […]
  • Export tracks as midi, format 1 May 14, 2022
    I’m trying to export tracks as midi, to format 1, not 0 On prefs/general/ project handling, I unchecked the save to format 0 choice I shift /highlight tracks ( three for now ), hit export selection as midi file, save, then import to a work station kybd. …….comes out all on one track. Weird, Some […]
  • 10.7.4: Level Meter Scale? May 12, 2022
    Hi, anyone know where did they move Preferences/Display/Mixer... "SCALE" to? Just upgraded from 10.6.3 and noticed the meter on each track views differently now. Went to change it back, and the setting is gone gone gone.
  • Logic Pro and importing and exporting markers in a midi file May 5, 2022
    Hi, I am new at this forum. I am John and I am 68 years young. I work with Logic for several years. I use Logic Pro X.6.2 and a Korg Pa4x-76 International. At my Korg I can export a style to a midi file. When you load that file in Cubase (a friend of […]
  • Calliope May 5, 2022
    I'm looking for a calliope patch, probably in EXS24. Can anyone help, please?
  • Appearance of Score May 1, 2022
    I am using Logic Pro 10.7.1 on a macOS Monterey Version 12.3.1, 3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 16 GB 2400 MHz DDr4. I need to make my score page look similar to Pdf files from a program I used on a PC computer many years ago. I don't have the original files; only the […]
  • How do I get Logic Live Loops to get it play on one singular timeline (like a looper pedal)? April 27, 2022
    I want to see if I can get Logic Live Loops to operate similar to how a multi-channel looper pedal would. By default, if I stop a given cell while another is still playing, and then resume playback of the cell again, it is nice and quantized, however it totally doesn't sync up with the […]
  • Logic Pro 10.7.4 Released April 27, 2022
    Logic Pro release notes As usual, before updating, backup, or make a copy of your current version of Logic. Logic Pro 10.7.4 requires Monterey OS 12.3 for some spatial audio functions, otherwise it will run in 11.6.4 or newer. kind regards Mark
  • Corrupt File April 25, 2022
    I have a file and what has happened all the inserts for plugins, AU’s have disappeared on all my channels and busses. Can anyone tell me what might have happened? I’m using 9.1.3 and running OS 10.9.3. OR, I would just like to export, make a new file and start in a fresh arrange screen/file […]
  • unresolving plugin windows April 25, 2022
    Recently I encountered a problem: whenever I want to open a plugin (either instrument or audio), the plugin window keeping in the status of a rotating windmill, so I can't see any details in any plugins, yes no way to see the details. And the status will last...forever... Read more