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  • random, unwanted midi transpose/pitch shift issue September 16, 2021
    Hi, I think this has only happened since the 9.2 update. During playback, a midi instrument--EXS or third party (Korg, etc.) will randomly shift up a half step and continue playing up a half step. No settings change on the instrument, and if I wait a while and restart playback, it will sometimes go back […]
  • Decent mid price monitor for Mac September 11, 2021
    Hello, can anyone recommend a decent mid price monitor that will work with MacBook M1/ Logic seamlessly and no faffing. thanks and regards
  • Export active comp not working September 9, 2021
    OK, exporting the active works most of the time. But now I've just recorded a bass track and after comping the whole thing, went to export it to a new track - only half the track turned up. Selecting the half that failed (by cutting it so it's a separate region) and trying again, all […]
  • Is there a way to easily name my bounces/mixes without paying for a tool like Bounce Butler? September 9, 2021
    Hi folks I export a lot of bounces while working on my tracks, so I need a simple way of keeping track of what I did when. Tonight I saw a website called Bounce Butler, which supposedly helps you do what I want. Is there no way to do this inside Logic? I'm on v10.6.3 […]
  • Help! September 7, 2021
    I’m trying to do quick swop comps in logic. Every time I go to click and swipe it either deletes the take i select or the one under it. It keeps saying “analyzing transients”
  • guide to templates? September 7, 2021
    Forgive me if this is a common question, but I could use some guidance on Logic Pro X templates. I play keyboards, use drum loops, record vocals. Nothing too complicated. I know I could create my own templates and I have made some pretty simple ones in the past. I’m more interested in downloading, maybe […]
  • Hardware being used (-10203) September 7, 2021
    Using a Mac running Leopard, PTools 8 and Logic Pro ,and everything has been running well for years. Now I suddenly get a warning when opening a project in Logic, Hardware being used (-10203) Rebooted, chucked preferences but no result. Anybody got any suggestions?
  • Help assigning a key command to a button in environment. September 3, 2021
    I've set up monitor switching using David Nahmani's Monitor Switching template (Switch between different pairs of monitors from Logic - Logic Pro Help). I'd really like to be able to switch my monitors by assigning the switch buttons to key commands instead of mouse clicking on the button in the environment. Anyone know how I […]
  • Humanize Step Sequencer Drum Track September 1, 2021
    Does anyone have a best practice for humanizing a drum track in Step Sequencer? I appreciate that I could save the track to midi and humanize it that way, or bounce the individual drum tracks to audio and then quantize/swing using Flex-Time. Instead I'm looking for a way to keep the process within Step Sequencer […]
  • Apreggiator plugin not syncing to project. Please advise! September 1, 2021
    Hi All. New to this group, and delighted to find it. I'm still exploring Logic but stumped by the Arpeggiator which I'm using in conjunction with Chord Trigger to make some interesting pattersn. The only problem is, no matter what I do, they new come out in sync with the project. To get the to […]