Human Saxophone Samples


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Compatible for Logic and Garageband

Some cut down demo versions of PT LOGIC Samples set 1 and Human Saxophone are available to download (see below). The downloads are fully functioning EXS24 and Garageband instruments with a smaller range than the full versions. Please note that some of the Logic versions have extra features (modwheel crossfades etc.) that are not possible on Garageband.

24 bit Saxophone Samples

Most of these are tenor saxophone samples, but there is also an alto saxophone and soprano saxophone included free. The tenor saxophone samples are full length, the alto and soprano are looped.

About Sampling a Saxophone

These samples do not sound like saxophone samples you get on MIDI modules or saxophone synths.  Every note is sampled. This sometimes leads to certain inconsistencies between notes, as some respond differently to other notes – even when the pitch is quite close. There is a big difference in sound between the two registers, so the notes either side of the  break will usually be quite different in character. On the tenor these are B2 – C3.  Saxophone Players often use this to an advantage when playing, but you may find it a bit strange on a keyboard. Some notes  speak better than others, some have very different overtones. I used an AKG C12VR valve microphone set to cardioid/omni about 2 – 3 feet away from the horn, but still some notes that sounded the same volume in the room have quite different levels on the input meter. I have partially evened out some of the dynamics, but there are still a few  quirks – that’s the saxophone!
Download Human Saxophone Demo Instruments (117MB)

Every note is sampled – listen to the demo mp3:

Human Saxophone

Ballad Tenor

Subtone long notes with soft attack and no or very little vibrato. This is useful for melody lines but also makes a very interesting and unique warm pad sound.

Ballad Tenor with Vibrato

Subtone long notes with big wide vibrato. Also incuded is modwheel crossfade instrument to crossfade between Ballad Tenor and Ballad Tenor with Vibrato.

Growl Tenor

Growling on the saxophone is a common effect used by rock & roll saxophonists for a really rough raunchy sound. This is sampled with the growling played, it is not a synthesised effect.

Tenor Saxophone Bend

This has a real bend up into the note, not an artificial MIDI pitch generated bend. This has a very interesting effect when used in a chord.

Tenor Saxophone mf Vibrato

Medium loud long notes with vibrato. Optional synthesized envelope bend also included