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  • WTB/WTT Emagic Logic Audio 5 Dongle/XSKey October 19, 2019
    Hi Folks I am looking for Logic Audio Blue USB Dongle/XSKey that is authorised for windows. We need one that works with logic 5, or even gold 5, or platinum 5. any of them would work for us. I am willing to pay more than a fair price for the legal working key or if […]
  • Bass does not pan to middle October 19, 2019
    I cannot figure this out. The bass sounds mainly on the left. If I move the pan far to the right, around 32, I can balance it. I tried turning effects off and changing the preset. Other tracks have no trouble panning. It is not on surround. I'm stumped. (Memories)
  • Logic randomly changing MIDI IN/OUT configuration mid-session October 16, 2019
    Hi Group. Strange problem here with my Logic X set-up. For some reason, Logic senses and changes the number of MIDI ins and outs available on my system at random unpredictable times - sometimes mid-song messing up what I'm working on. I have the UNITOR-8 drivers and am using 4 UNITOR-8's as well as an […]
  • Maybe off-topic. Concerns Cinematic Strings October 14, 2019
    This may be off-topic but here goes anyway. I use Cinematic Strings frequently. Often, when I start the track from the beginning, half of my string section isn't playing. I have to quit the patch on each instrument and re-load it - and readjust my settings as well. Purging, etc, doesn't help - it has […]
  • Logic Audio 5.5.1 for Windows 10??? October 14, 2019
    Hi All, I am new to the group but have been using Logic for years now. I have recently had a problem with my PC running Windows XP. Logic Audio 5.5.1 has been running very well in XP. My PC has died and I have had to have hard drive re-formatted and new Windows 10 […]
  • Cannot edit midi on track anymore October 14, 2019
    Hi, i need help. I have a song where the midi track somehow looks different than all the others, and now when I click the track ( or region ), the piano roll editior does not show up and I cant edit this track anymore. please help . i cant insert image of my screen […]
  • logic "merging" 2 tracks after normalise October 8, 2019
    I did a live recording of my band. Trying to mix, I normalised the bass track. now it seems to be merged with the kick. If I mute the bass track it has no effect, only if I mute the kick track can I kill the bass! However, in the sample editor, the bass is […]
  • DAW relevant changes introduced by MacOS Catalina October 8, 2019
    While Apple have been introducing new OS versions on an annual basis for a number of years now, the changes brought by each OS have varied, some have been significant, others less so. The next version of Mac OS, Catalina or OS 10.15 is due in October and brings some very significant changes to Mac […]
  • Korg nanoKontrol2 and Logic 10.4.5 October 8, 2019
    So I downloaded the Logic 10.4.5 update, and suddenly my Korg nanoKontrol 2 stopped working. Previous to this, it worked without the driver and all of the controls worked entirely as expected. I tried deleting it from the controller setup and re-adding it, but only the transport controls work. None of the faders, knobs or […]
  • Logic Pro 10.4.7 released October 8, 2019
    Logic Pro 10.4.7 is out: Logic Pro X 10.4 release notes Important: This release requires Mac OS 10.13.6 or newer. As always, it makes sense to create a backup of the version of Logic you are using before updating. kind regards Mark