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  • Slaving Kronos 2 sequencer to Logic Pro X April 13, 2021
    I’m new to Logic.. Trying to record Kronos sequencer tracks to Logic via MIDI .. I can play and record Kronos sound directly to Logic but can’t start the sequencer from the Logic record button, any info greatly appreciated..
  • Best Used Macbook for Logic Pro X April 12, 2021
    What do LPX users consider a good used/refurbed Mac Book Pro circa 2017 - 2018 for using Logic Pro X to mix in the box? What would one expect to pay for a good refurbished one?
  • Easy way to make duplicate track with content April 11, 2021
    I just discovered this by accident so most likely this is common knowledge: If you option drag in the track header (not the actual region) you can make a duplicate of the track AND it's contents! I don't think there's a key command for this (only the duplicate track key command, which doesn't duplicate the […]
  • Multitrack Midi Recording won't work. April 9, 2021
    Please help. I can't record parts from separate controllers. I know about auto remix, selecting multiple tracks and nothing works. All of my instrument channels receive all midi channels no matter what I do. I've even spoke to a tech at apple about this and after hours on the phone nothing worked.
  • External Midi channel strips disappeared from mixer April 9, 2021
    All of a sudden the channel strips of my external Midi instruments have disappeared from the mixer. I can see the recorded tracks in the arrange area but the corresponding channel strips in the mixer are gone. This has happened to the most recent two songs I was working on. In older songs everything appears […]
  • Searching for a LPX Mixing specialist on Fiverr April 7, 2021
    I am working on a Latin Jazz CD that has live instruments and I would like to find someone to mix inside the box using Logic Pro X, preferably someone who is on haven't found anyone in my search using those perimeters so if anyone out there knows of a LPX mixer for hire […]
  • Soundbrenner Core synching with LP April 7, 2021
    Hi there, I am new to the LUG group and this is my first post, so please forgive me if I've posted this on the wrong forum! I'm a drummer and have just bought myself a new Soundbrenner Core to help me keep time. I am now trying to figure out how to synch the […]
  • More effects in additional library contents? April 6, 2021
    I'm new to LPX. I installed only the essential contents because I am a minimalist and because I don't need additional 70GB of Logic instruments. However, it appears that additional downloadable contents offer additional effects. Case in point: there's an additional item entitled "Reverbs," larger than 2GB in size. Is this a collection of additional […]
  • Drum Mapping.... April 6, 2021
    I am new to this forum and so I did some reading and searching in regards to drum mapping. I am trying to figure out if it is now possible with Logic Pro X that one can map drum sounds in Ultra Beat and use a drum controller such as an Akai MPD to play […]
  • Izotope plugins all fail AU validation April 5, 2021
    Ever since I updated my macbook to elcappitan OS X, all my izotope audio units and plugins have not worked in Logic. They all worked on Yosemite and Mountain Lion though i'm not sure if the operating system its e root cuz i'm the only one i'm aware of with this catastrophe. The affected plugins […]
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