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  • merging or bouncing? October 15, 2018
    I have 2 audio regions on a track with plugins. If I bounce that track, I will get a single audio file including the plugin effects and I no longer need the plugins on the region as their effect is now 'burnt in' to the audiofile. If, rather than bounce, I choose to use the […]
  • Multi-Track Recording - Multi Record Enable October 15, 2018
    Hi all, Is it possible to record-enable all tracks in a multi-track recording project without putting them in a folder? Example: 16 Audio Tracks ( different inputs ) modifier key + click on record enable button?
  • Logic slow to load October 14, 2018
    My program Pro 10.2.4 ( OS 10.13.6) is painfully slow to load. Ideas?
  • Lost my track home screen October 14, 2018
    Using Logic pro X, somehow on some of my songs, I have lost my tracks and control screen. If I have any effects or EQ running, it will show, otherwise all i see is desktop. What am I doing wrong?
  • High Sierra and lost channel strips... October 12, 2018
    I just upgraded to High Sierra and suddenly i've lost sight of my Apple loops and Channel Strip settings ... this is apparently because of High Sierra's new filing system format. Ok, great. High Sierra has been out for a long time now and no update from Apple that I can see for Logic users. […]
  • Fade Option in Region Inspector not there October 11, 2018
    Hi guys, I've been trying to find my Fade Option in Region Inspector and I can't seem to find it. Under my Region Inspector there is options for "Mute" then "Quantize" then "Q Swing" then "Transpose" then "Fine Tune" then "Flex and Follow" and then finally "Gain". I do not see an "Other" option, which […]
  • track/region rename October 10, 2018
    Is there any faster way of renaming both the track header and regions in a track than renaming the track header and then using the text tool on each of the regions in the track? In other words is there a way of automatically applying the new track header name to the regions in that […]
  • Midi Transpose at Track Level October 7, 2018
    Hi guys. I'm new to Logic from some 10+ yrs using Cubase. One thing I'm struggling to figure out is track level transposition. I play saxophone (Bb) and to save learning a song in two keys I often used the transpose feature on a piano midi track in Cubase (set to -2) so that the […]
  • How to erase transposition? October 7, 2018
    I originally had a piece in C. I made a new version after it and transposed it up to D. I erased the version in C and I want to move the later version to the beginning. I run in to problems with the transposition in the Global Tracks. One thing I cannot drag a […]
  • Always rescans audio units on startup October 4, 2018
    Hi, Logic is constantly re-scanning audio units on startup. How can I stop this. Mac OS sierra 10.12.6 (16G29) Logic v.10.4.0 Thanks, Quefijo