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  • Single Stave Polyphony December 5, 2019
    It’s ages since I tried to creat polyphonic lines within a single stave using the “score separation tool”. In fact it was in a previous version of Logic. How do I create a polyphonic single stave? Either I’m losing it or the process has changed slightly!! (Probably the former)
  • How to change audio track tempos to evaluate different BPMs? December 5, 2019
    Hey folks, I have a file with a vocal and guitar tracks that I recorded at one time. I've also got a MIDI drum track in the project. On listening back, I think I'd like to speed up the audio and MIDI files so I can evaluate different BPMs. I tried working with Smart Tempo […]
  • 3rd Party Sample Libraries for EXS24 - Which are there? December 4, 2019
    Are there any 3rd party sample libraries for EXS24 out there? Does anybody know of any good ones?
  • How do I create a bus to control a number of layers as a group? December 4, 2019
    Say I have a string patch containing a number of layers, how do I bus them together to control the volume of the group with one fader? Thanks
  • Environment Issue in Logic X - not present in earlier Versions December 3, 2019
    Hi Logicians. I'm working on some new environments for programming synths remotely and have discovered a bug in LOGIC X I wanted to confirm or see if anyone else has solved. I develop in v4 for backwards compatibility, then port through 7 > X. When using SYSEX sliders that use "Nibbles" rather than MSB / […]
  • Bouncing regions December 3, 2019
    Isn't it better to record selected mono regions into a new stereo region instead of bouncing internally ? When I bounce mono tracks to a stereo track I still get a mono track ...
  • Pitch wavering December 2, 2019
    This is a follow-up of a post made a few days ago ( to which I've yet to hear a reply ) I found that after singing in a vocal track and choosing pitch correction, it made the string tracks waver in pitch!! What's up with that? I had a choice in pitch correction of […]
  • Guitar volume December 1, 2019
    I'm having a major problem with getting enough volume in my guitar parts........ I've tried everything I know........ I'm on the latest version of MAC. I'm using a Garritan guitar patch and have tried upping the volume in the dedicated Garritan mixer...... tried upping the volume with the velocity tool in the piano roll and […]
  • Help with fan noise November 30, 2019
    I bought an i9, 32GB MacBook Pro 16 and ended up sending it back for an exchange because the fans ran very often, especially with Logic open (only 6 tracks). I’m hopeful that it was a hardware problem and that the replacement will work great. However, I have since read that fan noise can be […]
  • Note waver November 28, 2019
    I have added a vocal track to a tune I've been working on and when I finished the vocal I played it back and noticed that there were waves or fluctuations in the notes of the piano and vibes tracks......... I have no idea where they came from or how to fix them....... I'm using […]