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  • Moving Input and Output assignments between files January 22, 2021
    Is there a way to move the attributes of the ins and outs from one file to the next?
  • Big Sur - warning about updating some older Macs January 22, 2021
    For anyone using a Mac Book Pro 13" late 2013 or 2014, this might be worth paying attention to if you are thinking of moving to Big Sur: macOS Big Sur Update Bricking Some Older MacBook Pro Models (please note - I have not tested this myself, am merely passing it on without making any […]
  • Jazz Font not working in Logic 10.6 January 22, 2021
    Hello Forum, After scoring on Logic since Logic 7, I finally decided to spring for the Sigler Jazz Font. ~$50 later, I think I've installed it correctly using Font Book. However, when I switched my project over from the internal font, it didn't look anything like it was supposed to. Has anyone had experience troubleshooting […]
  • Logic Audio 5.5.1 for Windows 10??? January 21, 2021
    Hi All, I am new to the group but have been using Logic for years now. I have recently had a problem with my PC running Windows XP. Logic Audio 5.5.1 has been running very well in XP. My PC has died and I have had to have hard drive re-formatted and new Windows 10 […]
  • Logic Pro for older Macs January 21, 2021
    I've got an old iMac 2008 which I bought to run Logic Pro. However, the latest demo version requires a Mac from 2012 onwards. Is there a way of downloading an older version? For example 10.3.2? Ideally I'd like a trial rather than buy outright from the store. I've searched the forum and found no […]
  • Restore 2011 MacBook Pro to original OS? January 21, 2021
    Hi friends, I have a Mid-2011 MacBook Pro 13". It is currently updated as far as it's age will allow. I did buy a used iMac 27" and am using this as my main studio machine with LogicPro X. Now when I bought my MacBook Pro, I also bought an M-Audio Project I/O digital mixing […]
  • There Must Be a Way of Doing This January 21, 2021
    Ever since I updated Logic, whenever I line up the Automation Line, when I switch tracks, it defaults to the beginning! (???) That has to be the dumbest most senseless thing imaginable. I have to figure there's a way to make it so one can switch tracks and ave it in the same place as […]
  • Logic Playback continues for a beat after stopping...? January 20, 2021
    Hi all..Just migrated from a 2012 Macbook Pro to a new I mac 2020..should have the same settings on both systems...BUT...when I stop playback with the spacebar on the new I mac...the audio continues for a beat sometimes 2...this will kill me...any thoughts on how to stop this annoying overhang...? Buffer 128..tried everything..
  • Simple (?) Question Regarding Drums January 20, 2021
    Hello all... I'm a full time musician/producer who started on Garage Band 1 and worked my way up to the most recent LOGIC program. (I happen to think that GB6 was great, but that's another story). Anyway, I'm a multi-instrumentalist but due to restrictions I can't play live drums, so I actually "play" a drum […]
  • Instruments using effects from another track January 20, 2021
    Hi I believe I might have messed up my default inputs outputs or something. When I start a new project, I get on fine. I add a ( very simple in my case, can't do drums! ) drum track then a guitar and then it all goes wrong. If I attempt to add a bass, […]
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