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  • Fader Data no longer working on MIDI channels other than 1 April 19, 2019
    The Short Story: I used to be able to convert(transform) my MIDI Foot Pedal (CC4) to Fader Data on MIDI Channel3 to control the Wah Wah.(first insert slot) I cable this in the Environment between the input and the sequencer. But now, while I can play it this way and everything sounds fine, it will […]
  • Volume difficulties April 19, 2019
    I'm still having volume ( gain ) problems with my recording....... I'm working on a library of tunes for 5 trombones and rhythm section...... when I try to regulate or change the gain on ANY track it just doesn't work...... it seems to me that in the past, when I would change the volume level […]
  • A way of placing a plugin by default on every new track? April 17, 2019
    Is there a way of specifying a particular plugin [ say SSL E channel strip ] on every new channel, by default? Rather than manually adding them after you've created the new channel?
  • Midi file with a decent Sax April 15, 2019
    Guys - I am trying to test the features of a Ketron SD-90 arranger and would like to use a midi file that contains an arrangement with a decent sax line. I will play this midi file from logic into the SD-90 and switch internally the different sax sounds available on the SD-90 to compare. […]
  • Busses (and plugins) turn "gold" and dont work? April 13, 2019
    I notice when something is blue it works and when its yellow (gold) it does not. I have effect bus tracks with EQ for guitars and sometimes they turn gold and no sound will go to the bus track. If someone could help me out with this I would be super appreciative. Ive been trying […]
  • Moving playhead with mouse click April 13, 2019
    Hi Guys. Is there anyway to have the playhead move to where your pointer is with click on the mouse like in other DAWS? Or do you always have to manually drag it?
  • I/O plugin not doing anything. PLEASE help April 13, 2019
    Hello Gentlemen (and Ladies). I just switched over to Logic X from Reaper. I cant for the life of me get the I/O hardware plugin to work. I have a MOTU 828es. Im using a patch bay. No cords are pulled out. Analogue ins and outs are working fine in reaper. Im trying to use […]
  • How to avoid audio plugin to affect imported audio track April 11, 2019
    How can I avoid audio-plugin to affect an imported audio track?
  • how to place mono tracks in stereo field spectrum To make full sound with no effects at first April 8, 2019
    Here is a puzzle I want to figure out I know it’s possible Title how to place mono tracks in stereo field spectrum Ok let say I have mono baseline that I have duplicated 4 mono tracks for the left side of the headphones And then duplicated 4 mono baseline tracks for the right of […]
  • Volume control April 7, 2019
    Will someone be kind enough to educate me on the best way to solve volume control in Logic X? I've heard that the best way to begin, at least, is to center all the sliders on 0.0 and change from there..... I know not to touch the main volume slider. I don't seem to have […]