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  • Download plugins and loops for halo gif pro 9 June 6, 2020
    I have an old Apple iMac with Sierra on it... I found a Logic Pro 9 free download on line... with limited plugins, and no loops.... is there a place on the internet where I can find the original downloads so I can move forward with 9? Thanks for any info!
  • MIDI Numbers June 6, 2020
    I’m a bit confused about MIDI numbers and how to map functions onto buttons and faders. I know certain CC numbers are used for certain things eg CC64 for Sustain nut I’m not sure how this relates to the “learn” function on many DAWs and plug - Ins For example various plugins, the Expression is […]
  • logic pro how do you insert new key signature June 5, 2020
    All of my internet search results are about transposing or shifting audio. I want to simply insert a key change so that sharps read as flats. I know it is possible, but unlike the time signature, there is no plus mark to add. When I double click where I want to put it, it changes […]
  • Logic Remote - scroll Live Loops? June 5, 2020
    I was just using Logic Remote on an iPad to try out Live Loops. I loaded up the "Oblique Structures" template, which has 13 scenes. The iPad screen only fits 10 scenes and I haven't been able to find a way to access the others. Am I missing something or is this just a limitation […]
  • MIDI Controller set up June 4, 2020
    Hi, I just bought an M Audio Oxygen 49. If I want to make my controls work with plug-ins and tailor them to my own preferences. Ideally, I’d like to be able to open eg mixer or plug ins, piano roll, etc and use particular knobs for different functions in each. In other words the […]
  • Logic Pro 10.5. released June 4, 2020
    - just became available in the App Store. It looks to have new Sampling features, Sampler and Quick Sampler, a "Live Loops" function, Drum Machine Designer, Step Sequencer, New Content and no doubt much more. As always, before updating make a backup of your current Logic version. I presume Logic Pro 10.5. will require at […]
  • Dancing volume fader on midi track ... why? June 4, 2020
    Hello, today I'm working on an old song, and something irritating is happening to a piano midi track that I cannot solve. The symptom is that the volume fader is dancing up and down and the sound is like a fast tremolo - which I definitely don't want, and cannot believe that I ever would […]
  • Altering Drummer Track Tempo June 4, 2020
    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if this is possible and you can help me. I have created a new project based on a midi file exported from Sibelius. The tempo in Sibelius is a minim = 104. Logic has adjusted this to ~ 208 and the piece plays correctly, all good so far. Now I want […]
  • Bus sends turn orange when raising level in 10.5? June 2, 2020
    Hi, since Logic 10.5 I have a strange problem: I took an old 10.4.4 song and continued working on it in 10.5.0 and now whenever I want to use buses, they stopped working like this: I activate Bus 1 and assign a Reverb, all seems good the bus is blue BUT: when raise the bus […]
  • Missing ESX24 plugin in Logic Pro X June 1, 2020
    Hello there Suddenly, I can longer see the ESX24 sampler in Logic Pro x plugin choices when I choose to create a new software instrument in the instruments channel. All other plugin instruments are shown in the list but where the ESX34 used to appear beneath the EVOC 20 PS entry, the list shows only […]
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