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  • Reinstall Logic X June 23, 2018
    Hi All, The power supply in my Mac Pro died and apparently corrupted my boot disk. That's where Logic X lived. They'll be reinstalling the OS, will that cause a problem reinstalling Logic X? Can I just re-download everything and reinstall Logic? Steve
  • Find Score for Apple Loops June 22, 2018
    Hi, noob post here so not sure if I'm paying it in the right place (apologies if not). I've recently got Logic Pro X after a hiatus all the way back from Pro 7 and I'm wondering if there is anyway of finding the notation/score for an apple loop. I'm trying to recreate a loop […]
  • Score ornaments June 22, 2018
    How can I hide the actual recorded notes of, for example, a trill and replace it with conventional trill notation ( i.e. a single note with a trill sign and a notated termination)??
  • Assign Drum Sounds To Specific PADS In AKAI mpd218 June 21, 2018
    I can't believe how difficult this is to find online. I can't get a simple answer. I simply want to assign drum sounds to specific PADS In AKAI mpd218. Should be incredibly simple no?
  • Bounce to MP3 creating file with no content June 21, 2018
    I am bouncing a multi-track project to an MP3 file, but when I look at the MP3 in Finder, it is only 4KB, and has no content. When I set up the parameters for the bounce, there is a message at the bottom of the parameter xcreen saying that this bounce would use about 180MB […]
  • Troubleshooting Logic Pro 10.4, High Sierra, and interface June 20, 2018
    New here, so pardon me if my question is ignorant. I've worked with various versions of Logic for many years with very few issues, but am now troubleshooting a puzzling issue. I'm not able to get signals on any onboard Logic sounds (or any others for that matter) on tracks, though existing tracks will play. […]
  • Metric Halo 3d and MH Link announced June 16, 2018
    Metric Halo have announced the much anticipated 3d and MH Link Hard- and Software, details on the MH website here: http://www.mhsecure.com/3dEarlyAccess/3dIntroMHRN.html kind regards Mark
  • Exported Audio Files Disappearing June 11, 2018
    The exported audio files in the finder window automatically disappearing. Tracks are disappearing While exporting all Tracks as audio file (cmd+e) only when I check the Include Volume and automation. But If I uncheck the Include Volume and automation While exporting all Tracks as audio file (cmd+e), everything exported fine without including the automation. Please […]
  • Sibelius Users? June 11, 2018
    If anyone here uses Sibelius this question is for you in regard to writing drum parts on a score. Actually I don't have a problem writing drum parts on a score. The problem is the stems of the drum part. What I usually do is write the snare drum in first using it as "voice […]
  • How do I move an Aux/Buss strip June 11, 2018
    I create buss for a separate headphone mix (using bus 20) - As I track I create sub mixes so that I can send from them to the headphone mix - but as I create these sub-mixes (by assigning a send to a new buss#, they alway appear to the right of the headphone mix. […]