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  • Automation Viewing August 13, 2020
    Hello, I usually view all automation in all the tracks at the same time. Which I was doing with this project. Apparently, my fat fingers hit something, and now I can only view automation clicking on one track at a time. What do I need to do so I can go back to my good […]
  • WTB/WTT Emagic Logic Audio 5 Dongle/XSKey August 12, 2020
    Hi Folks I am looking for Logic Audio Blue USB Dongle/XSKey that is authorised for windows. We need one that works with logic 5, or even gold 5, or platinum 5. any of them would work for us. I am willing to pay more than a fair price for the legal working key or if […]
  • LPX 10.5.1. and Mojave August 11, 2020
    Downgraded from Catalina to Mojave. Midi Environment window now no longer available. Midi data being received. Chord spec being displayed ok.
  • exporting single score part August 10, 2020
    Hello. I am trying to share a score bass part I have in a project. With the track highlighted, command 5 to show the part, that much works. Then going to preferences, score pane, then either clipboard or pdf checked, I cannot get any further. No dialog box appears to name the file, or anything. […]
  • Basic EQ question: solo filter in Channel EQ August 10, 2020
    Hi all, I'm taking EQ coursework and the instructor frequently "solos" the Q band in his equalizer - so you hear only the waves inside the selected range. Is there a way to do that in Channel and Linear Phase EQ? Thank you!
  • score editor linear view. August 10, 2020
    Linear view in score editor cuts off tops of high notes-help to make window tall enough
  • Group Regions (not TRACKS) August 9, 2020
    I do a lot of stand-up comedy recording/editing/mixing... basically you could look at this like dialog-editing for film/video. Sometimes I get a single stereo room-recording, and other times I'm marrying the board-direct-feed w/ a room-recording. I'm in one of those projects now, and it's re-surfaced a tedious problem that I constantly fight with. If I've […]
  • Logic stops responding during save as task with Kontakt instances August 9, 2020
    Anyone else experiencing similar behavior? Logic stops responding during „save as“ tasks with varied instances of Kontakt. I then have to force quit logic, sometimes it looks like there has been actually a new file been created. I‘m on a new 2019 Mac Pro with Logic 10.5.1, Catalina 10.5.5 and the Kontakt 6.3.1 (Same problem […]
  • Logic Remote Question August 9, 2020
    Hi all If I select multiple tracks in my mixer that I want to increase volume on the selections aren't replicated in logic remotes Mixer? Is there away to to do this so that I can increase volumes with multiple faders (of my 3 selected tracks) within Logics remote.Thanks Ivan
  • Recording Slow, Then Speeding Up August 8, 2020
    Hey, all. I've got an upcoming project that will involve a clarinetist performing all 11 parts of a composition. He's created time signature maps (gazillions of changes), and will of course be playing to a click, but he's informed me some sections are impossible for him to play at tempo, so we'll need to slow […]
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