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  • Logic X with Behringer X Touch January 18, 2020
    Hello. I would greatly appreciate what your thoughts are for using the Behringer X Touch and or mackie control in MC mode with Logic X, and if their are issues and how it is working out? I am on Logic 9 with the X touch in MC mode with usb.. It is mostly working well […]
  • Score repetitions January 16, 2020
    Hi, I'd like to use the score bar signs (as repetition) not only for graphic but also for performance. But, if I insert a sign of repetition in score, the midi track doesn't repeat the section. So i have to repeat a second time the same notes. If I insert a meta event Go to […]
  • Software instrument playback January 15, 2020
    I have just upgraded to Logic Pro X 10.4.8 and I am experiencing playback problems with existing scores which were not previously problematic. Some instruments are sounding on after they should cease sounding. Sometimes this happens and sometimes not, with the same file. I have to cross my fingers when creating WAV's hoping to get […]
  • Adjusting volume in stack track January 14, 2020
    Hi there, this is my first post, hope someone can help. I created my first stack having recorded a solo guitar piece 5 times. Then being dissatisfied with the sound moved the mic and recorded 3 more tracks. Then I tried comping them together but at one point the newer guitar was much louder and […]
  • How to Create a Take Folder from Existing Tracks January 13, 2020
    Hello, I didn't use the comp record feature (unfortunately) and instead I have multiple similar vocal tracks. Is it possible to combine these into a Take Folder such that I can easily select sections from each track and create a single comp, as I could if I had used comp recording? Thanks for the help!
  • Drum Machine Designer wont open January 12, 2020
    Hello all, So i have been scratching my head all day with this and now its starting to really annoy me, when i select Drum machine designer (DMD) and it has loaded i go to the channel strip and cant click to open the instrument. For some reason logic doesn't want to open it, ultra […]
  • Piano roll is locked onto one region, can't find anything else... January 7, 2020
    Hi All, Running Logic 10.4.4 on a 2010 Mac Pro (32GB) running OS Sierra. This problem has happened a few times with larger arrangements. The piano roll editor seems fixated on one region and when I try to view (much less edit) any other region it's just blank. The piece plays no problem, but I'm […]
  • MIDI Environment loses cable January 6, 2020
    I occasionally find a recent song won't recieve MIDI, and when i visit MIDI Environment the cable twixt Physical Input and Input View ( I have this in the chain before has vanished as if deleted. Soon as I reconnect the cable all is well. Any idea who's stealing my cable? pete
  • Logic ProX and MCU problem January 5, 2020
    I have just purchased a Mackie MCU, with the latest firmware. My problem is that in the Logic ProX control surface Setup page the midi input for the selected MCU shows the message "illegal input" I have no problem setting the midi output to the required midi output and everything done on the iMac is […]
  • Hard drive allocation January 5, 2020
    Hello you LUGs! I'm reinstalling on a new (to me) iMac (27" late 2012) and want to know which would be best, putting Logic Pro X on the internal hard drive with Mac OS Mojave or installing it on an external SSD drive? (thunderbolt or USB3?) Also, where should software instrument libraries go for best […]