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  • Where is the comp tool? August 21, 2019
    I'm feeling stupid today. I cannot figure out where the comp tool is for this track. In the bars previous to this, there is a bit that says comp, but again, I cannot see a way to expand it and see what track is used in the comp. Thanks in advance.
  • Quantize doesn't move to the grid August 20, 2019
    I've run into this before, where quantize does not move things to the grid, as if there is an offset somewhere going on. Here are two screen shots: one before and one after (with the notes still selected). Any clues to what is going on? TIA
  • Cannot get pitch segments in Flex August 20, 2019
    Usually if I don't see the pitch segments, I just scroll up or down and they appear. They aren't there! What could I be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  • Midi Track Doesn't Bounce Completely August 19, 2019
    So I have a midi track with just 2 instances of an effect. When I Bounce the entire project the 1st of these plays but the 2nd is not in the exported Bounce. Nothing soloed, nothing muted. Suggestions?
  • digital glitching & beachball w older Logic projects & MHLink 3d August 19, 2019
    I run LogicX on a 2018 mac mini. When I open my older Logic projects created on my 2017 MacBookPro, the old Logic projects hang up w beachball, and when they do eventually play, there's horrible digital hash. This bug also hashes iTunes audio output as well. Temporary fix to digital hash is by resetting […]
  • WTS or WTT Emagic Logic Gold 4.8 and Dongle August 17, 2019
    Emagic Logic Audio Gold 4.8 for Mac and Windows. These programs are getting hard to find now. This program comes with the original emagic logic audio gold 4.8 cd, emagic logic audio gold dongle...AUTHORIZED FOR MAC The price is $60.00 CAD for Gold and the dongle. plus shipping. or will trade straight across for a […]
  • Score - Bar numbers August 17, 2019
    Not sure if any you use the score feature, but do any you smart people know of a way to get the score and main page bar numbers to match? I can change the bar numbers in score, bu then they no longer match the numbers on the main page or the editors. We use […]
  • Equal length notes in score. August 17, 2019
    In MIDI edit, I can hold alt/shift and make notes the same length. It would be great to do this with duration bars in score.
  • Alesis Q25/Logic Pro X modwheel assignment problem August 16, 2019
    Hi everyone. At the risk of embarrassing myself I need to ask this question. I just bought a new Alesis Q25 and assumed the modulation wheel would control modulation. i.e. if I open up a Studio Strings patch I should be able to control the modulation with the mod wheel. I have another controller which […]
  • Shopping for a new computer August 14, 2019
    I’m looking for a new iMac. I would welcome any feedback regarding specifications that would enable me to run LogicX 10.4 smoothly. My audio interface is a Firestudio Project from PreSonus. I’m a bit overwhelmed by what’s out there... but my concerns are : Processor Speed, Quad core/ 6 core/ 8core ? How much RAM? […]