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  • Notation Problem: Parts Don't Match Score February 21, 2020
    Hey, all. I have a baffling (and frustrating) issue that is hopefully due to some basic global setting I have wrong. I've created a score set for a string quartet and have painstakingly added lots of dynamic markings there, but none of those markings show up when I open the individual parts that made up […]
  • Gain staging, VUMT, and meter reading February 21, 2020
    Hi all, I have a problem with setting up my gain staging and getting levels where they should be. The situation described below was being monitored in Pre-Fader mode. Here's what I did: 1. In first position on a test channel's plug-in section, I inserted Logic 9's Test Oscillator, selected "sine wave", and set the […]
  • Best overall keyboard controller February 20, 2020
    Looking for advice in purchasing a keyboard controller. All input is very welcomed and appreciated. D
  • WTB/WTT Emagic Logic Audio 5 Dongle/XSKey February 17, 2020
    Hi Folks I am looking for Logic Audio Blue USB Dongle/XSKey that is authorised for windows. We need one that works with logic 5, or even gold 5, or platinum 5. any of them would work for us. I am willing to pay more than a fair price for the legal working key or if […]
  • Live mixing using Logic Pro X February 7, 2020
    I’m working on a sound design for a live mix job this summer. Most of the time, I’m just running everything through a board and a fairly bare-bones setup, however this time I’m considering leveraging my interfaces and plugins to run everything in the box on my computer and mix through Logic Pro X. The […]
  • import another file as alternatives February 4, 2020
    Is it possible to import another file as alternatives. Say you had several versions of a song, a live recording or just different sessions. How do you consolidate them all in one Project as alternatives?
  • Beat mapping to a specific position February 4, 2020
    Hi. I have trouble in changing from 4/4 to 3/4 at the desired position, as I want the new 3/4 beat to be "off" the beat line. When I drag the grey line, it stops only at whole beats. I need it to stop at 80-4-3-1 but it wont do that... Anyone out there with […]
  • Logic ProX and MCU problem February 2, 2020
    I have just purchased a Mackie MCU, with the latest firmware. My problem is that in the Logic ProX control surface Setup page the midi input for the selected MCU shows the message "illegal input" I have no problem setting the midi output to the required midi output and everything done on the iMac is […]
  • How to set midi keys to toggle plugins or patches? February 2, 2020
    I'm new and using Logic Pro 9. I'm in a band and we're using Logic for our live keyboard sounds. We have a few songs that require different patches. I'd like to have those different patches all in one Project. Is there a way to switch patches within a Project without clicking on a mouse? […]
  • How to import controller assignment in Mainstage? February 1, 2020
    I am trying to set up default midi assignments for Arturia VSTs in Mainstage. I was able to find 'save channel strip settings', but this did not save my mappings to the VST controls. It also saved the patch, so is not exactly what I wanted to achieve. I don't actually want to save the […]