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  • How to stop MIDI data from being input to Logic Pro. October 24, 2020
    I have recently acquired a USB/MIDI CV/Gate Module (Doepfer A190-4) for my modular system. The problem I am having is that when I try to record into a Logic Track via a MIDI keyboard using the USB connection I get all sorts of feedback MIDI loop from the device. Since the Device does not allow […]
  • "Master Track Mystery" (new YouTube video) October 20, 2020
    Master Track Mystery is the title of the new video I just release on my YouTube Channel "Music Tech Explained - the visual approach" In this video, I dive into one of those often misunderstood or even unknown components in Logic Pro X, the Master Track, or Master Channel Strip. It causes many mixes to […]
  • Registry Error .... scanning Audio Units causes hang October 20, 2020
    I sometimes get this, which is quite painful, because during the scan, the error dialog may pop up BEHIND the splash screen for the scanner, so I have to force-quit Logic. It is quite uninformative, since it doesn't say WHICH plugin is causing the problem. It says "Please ensure this product has been installed properly". […]
  • Newbie question October 19, 2020
    Hello all & thank you for accepting me ! Total newbie here. I'm looking seriously at using Logic Pro for creating backing tracks for my live solo performances. First step is to invest in a Macbook (probably a Pro ?). I've been a Windows guy my whole A new Macbook is prohibitively expensive so […]
  • Brass Drop Off - How To? October 19, 2020
    Does anyone know how to create a brass drop off? This is an effect that's used in big band writing where the brass "falls off the note". I'm using the Garritan big band program, but I think the effect is created in Logic Pro X using CC's (continuous controllers) which I've never used. Thanks.
  • Using Klopfpgeist for dedicated click track to IEM - but no click, why? October 18, 2020
    Hi, I have a piece of music in MIDI code which has variable tempo, subtle changes in tempo which are crucial to the feel of the piece. I want to create a click track on a separate track panned hard left, and routed to the in-ear monitor. I thought it was going to easy by […]
  • Help! I've lost control of Take Folders October 16, 2020
    Having already recorded a happy take folder on a previous channel ( Pete's new piano), on the next channel ( Fender rhodes) the cycle gets me the last recording only, no lovely 'Take' buttons on the region. Here are my settings and the 2 regions compared. Both were cycle-recorded. Only one kept the previous passes.. […]
  • Pedalboard and Fades October 15, 2020
    I recorded a clean guitar track, then added some Pedalboard effects and fades. The fades work only if I remove the turn all of the effects off. Can someone tell me how I can use stomp box models and fades?
  • Only Show Selected Regions in Event List? October 15, 2020
    Is there a way to just show the selected audio regions in the Event list? This comes up when want to modify multiple regions at once in the Event list. If I select the desired regions in the Arrange window, these are indeed selected in the Event list, but interspersed in the massively long list […]
  • Midi click recording to midi channels October 14, 2020
    Hi fellow users I had this problem a few years ago and cant remember how i fixed it. The midi click records on all my midi recordings. I have the port switched to off and the channel set to 16 (there is no 0 or off) but whenever I record anything in midi either drum […]
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