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  • Delete a recording in Logic Remote. February 18, 2019
    Hi folks, I am trying out the Logic Remote and, it is quite straight forward. I, however, cannot seem to find out how to delete a recorded track on the remote. Such as, I record, don't like want to delete and re-record. Would appreciate any input on this. Thank you in advance' Will
  • Yamaha Motif ES6 driver problem February 17, 2019
    Hi everyone. I’m restoring my whole setup after a major disaster a few days ago. The hardrive in my Mac died... oh well R.I.P. Now, I have no intention to “upgrade “ my setup. I absolutely love logic 9 and the old good OSX Snow Leopard. So I got a new hardrive, original OSX cd […]
  • DRUM MACHINE DESIGNER: Adding User Sample Folder February 15, 2019
    I can't figure out how to add my own drum sample folder in Drum Machine Designer. I'd like to see that folder and enclosed audio files inside the DMD browser for easy preview and drag-n-drop into the cells. How? Any help is appreciated!!!
  • Routing MidiClock via Logic ? February 15, 2019
    I’d like to run Logic as a tape machine to capture audio and midi during live jams, and be able to patch midi clock via Logic so I can sync a couple of drum machines & sequencers. I know it’s possible to sync Logic’s transport to external sequencers and vice versa, but I’m hoping to […]
  • Moving Playback To a Specific Bar February 15, 2019
    Suppose you are playing back at bar 30, and then want to move to bar 75 and continue playback from there. Is there a key command you could enter during playback at bar 30 that brings up a dialog box where you could enter "75" and have playback skip to bar 75. Or something to […]
  • Any probs with OS Mojave? February 15, 2019
    Nothing comes up on this when I search this Forum, so I am hoping that there are no problems pete
  • Notation Layout Changes when Printing?? February 13, 2019
    I posted this problem 2 1/2 years ago and it continues. I have a workaround, but it is time-consuming to put into practise. Here is the description of the problem: When I prepare a score for printing, it will look correct on screen. However, when I actually print it, Logic reformats it and it often […]
  • Flex Time Methodology: Only compress/stretch to left? February 9, 2019
    Hello - 1. Is there a way to add flex markers and move them, such that they only adjust the audio data to the left (assuming there are no more flex markers added yet to the right)? I would like the audio data to the right to just shift as a whole, rather than compress […]
  • color an individual note in score window? February 9, 2019
    Is it possible to color an individual note or group of notes in the score editor and in the score window below the main window? Thanks.
  • Turning a Cb note into B natural February 9, 2019
    In the score editor I'd like the score to show a B with a natural sign rather than it being shown as a Cb. Is this possible? Thanks.