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The studio recording, multimedia and web tutorials on these pages have evolved from the Commercial Composition, Studio and Music Technology courses which I developed while teaching at the University of Southampton Music department. The general studio articles on microphones and compression can be applied to other types of recording software and hardware systems, the MIDI, score and audio articles are specific to Apple Logic Pro and/or Express.
Apple Logic Pro Music Software
Most of the tuition materials are written from the point of view of a professional composer and producer rather than either a full time music technology teacher or a studio engineer as I don’t consider myself to be either of those. Hopefully the pages will be useful to music students and anyone starting out as a music producer or media composer who needs some basic tuition in Logic to get started.

All of the multimedia, and Apple Logic Pro tutorials, icons and and environments on this site are available free, but if you find them useful please consider making a donation of any amount. If you wish to use the resources for an educational or commercial organisation please contact me first, and please do not download and redistribute the material in any form, however links to this site are appreciated.

For many more useful tips and answers to questions, please visit the Logic Users Group Forum

Logic FAQs

These are real frequently asked questions which I originally compiled from students’ questions at Southampton University, and have since continued with questions I am asked by clients. Although I try to keep the page updated, some answers may be relevant

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Editing Cues

Dealing with Shorter Versions, Cues or “Cutdowns” for Ads I am often asked to produce several different lengths for TV series, commercials and production music: 60″, 40″, 30″, 20″, 10″ and short stings. Hard disk digital recording makes this much

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Audio Tips

Recording Make the performer comfortable both physically and psychologically; put them at their ease. It is better to say  “That was great but I think you can do it just a bit better” than “that wasn’t right we have to

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Logic MIDI

Handy MIDI Hints & Tips You can assign any tool to the r.h.mouse button with [CMD} + click (Mac) by clicking on that tool with the r.h.button or [CMD] +click. E.g. you can  write MIDI objects onto various windows with the assigned

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Score Tips

Using Logic’s Score Editor To view the full score choose screenset 3. You can view one sequence only in the score window by double clicking on it’s staff. Click on the black square (top left) to view the entire score

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